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workshops Program 2011: Creative Retreats

About the workshops program;

Delivery of the Saturday and Sunday Workshops Program is divided into two semesters as follows;  

Semester One:     February , March, April, May & June. 

Semester Two:    July, August, October, November & December

Workshops are an intensive, hands-on learning experience which introduces the participant to particular skills or extends those skills to develop greater depth of understanding & experience. A variety of  teaching approaches are applied to suit all styles of learning, including discussion & demonstration. An emphasis is placed on hands- on practice, and all workshops are supported by comprehensive notes and clear, specific directions, enabling the participant to grasp the process, experiment with techniques, and take home examples of work produced in the workshop, for future development.

Limited class numbers ensure plenty of one to one instruction & feedback. Five participants is the maximum, with three participants being required for the workshop to proceed.

Analysis and feedback are an important part of the workshop experience, and this is communicated in a positive, supportive learning environment.

The Materials provided for use in the workshop ensures participants are able to fully experience all techniques & tasks being explored, and the kit provides the materials sufficient to complete unfinished tasks at home. Any additional materials may be purchased or ordered at the time of the workshop.


Participants are encouraged to finish work & digitally photograph the results for inclusion on the website in the new 'Gallery' section being established in 2011. Dialogue, feedback & sharing  between participants will be supported with a new 'Blog' section  of the website, also being developed in 2011.


StoneShadows Studio aims to provide a high standard of workshop experience that stimulates, enriches & informs, and develops skills which the participant may take away and apply to their personal art practice.