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About Us

StoneShadows Studio began, as most projects do, with an idea; combining the Artist's working space with the facility to accommodate small numbers of students in Workshops & Master Classes, offering 'hands-on' experience in an inspiring, peaceful creative environment, in which they may develop both artistically & personally.

The dream began in 2004 but it was not until 2007 when the opportunity came for the Artist & Teacher to go to Saudi Arabia to assist in the establishment of the 'Arts & Skills Institute' at Riyadh, for young Saudi women wishing to study Art & Design. The year long assignment enabled money to be saved to fund the renovation & additions required to create a purpose- built studio facility which would incorporate a variety of art disciplines that the Artist wished to pursue and incorporate into her own work.

Upon her return from Saudi Arabia in 2008, the planning & designing of the studio began in earnest. A responsive, sympathetic builder who had developed a number of studio spaces for artists, was engaged in the project. Building finally commenced in early 2009. Always taking longer than planned, work continued throughout 2009 on the steep forest block attached to the Artist's home. Despite the terrible bush-fires which occurred across the state of Victoria in the summer of 2009, Mount Dandenong, the house & studio were spared. By April of 2010 the studio was finished to the stage that workshops could finally commence. Midway through 2010 the Artist retired from her college teaching work to fully dedicate herself to the development & writing of workshops & master classes in the art disciplines that she was exploring in her own art making. 

Remaining relevant is important when teaching; for Dawna communication and shared experience are important. The artist often works in isolation; teaching provides a privileged opportunity to work with receptive students exploring techniques & experimenting with ideas. It is always a 'two-way street' and getting the balance right is crucial. We never stop learning & growing - creative development is a continuing, ever-changing journey.

StoneShadows Studio has had a lengthy gestation period; almost nine years in the making from idea to realising the dream! 

Loyal students continue to form mutually supportive relationships, attending classes regularly, sharing their personal artistic responses to the programs offered. The network of talented, committed participants working across a variety of disciplines & media is growing. An inclusive learning environment encourages & promotes confidence to tackle new techniques & develop skills no matter at which level the student comes to StoneShadows Studio. The ultimate goal is that the student will discover what they need to experience & learn in order to create personal, authentic art work that will give joy & meaning to their lives and the lives of those who choose to acquire the work they make.

With each dream is required passion and determination; the vision for StoneShadows Studio will continue to evolve from its' initial idea in 2004.

'The longer we dream, the harder we work to make it a reality, the more we care about it'...

It is the caring that makes it real; that makes StoneShadows  work. Join us and discover firsthand what it is all about.